Paige Reveals That She Pitched The Idea Of Managing Ronda Rousey

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Paige is currently the General Manager of SmackDown Live and even though the former Divas Champion recently clarified that she isn’t able to step back into a ring just yet, she does seem to be getting some good feedback about her current position.

The British star has her own movie coming out soon that tells the story about her life growing up in a wrestling family and even though she was forced to retire from the ring, she has found a way to remain a huge part of the business.

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The first ever NXT Women’s Champion recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling where she revealed that she originally pitched WWE the idea of managing Ronda Rousey.

“I would do anything. Right now I’m really happy being SmackDown General Manager,” she said via Ringsidenews. “It can open so many different doors. I can be so many different characters just being SmackDown General Manager. I can be a good guy, bad guy, whatever I want. I would love to be a manager kinda like Paul Heyman one day. I would love to do anything, anything.”

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“Oh man, who would I love to manage? Everybody. I wanted to manage Ronda [Rousey] at one point but she doesn’t need me, she doesn’t need me Just anyone. Even if it’s men too, bring em on.”

Ronda Rousey has proved that she has a bright future in WWE and Paige has adapted well to being an authority figure, perhaps WWE could allow her to move into management whilst also being the General Manager since this scenario is working out quite well for Drake Maverick, who is currently the General Manager of 205 Live as well as the spokesman for AOP.