Paige Seeking Legal Action Against Twitter User for Trying to Sell Her Boyfriend Ronnie Radke’s Address

WWE superstar Paige has revealed that someone has been attempting to sell the address of her boyfriend, Ronnie Radke, online.

Paige shared a screenshot of a DM that shows conversations between the alleged seller and someone else. The seller originally offered Radke’s address for $500 and lowered the price to $200 when the other party did not bite.

Paige called the act “disgusting” and stated that they were a terrible person for trying to get money from the address.

She also stated that the cops were going to get involved as a report was already filed about the incident.

Paige claims she was alerted to the seller’s action by numerous people who the seller had previously approached and that the seller had already changed their Twitter handle at least once after being called out for her actions.

This isn’t the first time that Paige or Radke’s privacy has been violated. Just last November, the police were called out to their home after a stalker tracked them down and knocked on their door.

These followed the August 2020 arrest of another man for stalking WWE superstar Sonya Deville. Deville has only returned to WWE TV on the recent episode of SmackDown after taking time off to deal with the case.