Paige Set To Be Given A New Role In WWE?


Paige was forced to retire from in-ring competition earlier this year, when it was revealed that her neck injury was too severe for her to continue to wrestle.

Luckily, this was at the same time that Daniel Bryan was cleared to return after injury which allowed Paige to be moved into his role as SmackDown Live General Manager. 

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Paige has been doing a fantastic job over on SmackDown Live for the past few months, but this week on Raw it was announced that The McMahon Family would be in full control of the product going forward and that a McMahon would always be in attendance for every show, so there was no need for General Managers moving into 2019. 

Baron Corbin already lost his position as Raw GM back at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, but Paige’s future was a little less unclear since she has been seen as such a smart figure on TV for so long. 

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CageSideSeats is now reporting that the plan is for Paige to remain on WWE TV but instead be given another job. This means that Paige could be looking at becoming a kickoff show panelist much like Booker T has been over the past few months.

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This would allow insight into the Women’s Division which would come from a former Divas Champion and would also allow Paige to remain in a good position with the company. 

Paige’s future in the ring is a little less clear as well, the former Champion stated herself that she was unable to return due to injury, but there has been speculation in recent months that Paige could have been cleared for light activity in the ring, which opens her up for a Rumble spot next year if the speculation is to be believed.