Paige Slams WWE Following Twitch Suspension: “I Cannot Deal With This Company Anymore”

WWE Superstars are no longer allowed to stream on third-party platforms such as Twitch. There are no words on how long this will be in effect and for now, WWE Superstars are told to keep themselves off these platforms.

Many WWE wrestlers bid farewell to their Twitch fans this week. This decision wasn’t taken lightly by the fans as well as wrestlers.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Paige slammed WWE in her Twitch stream for taking “control” over her own life.

Just like the fans, Paige too got to know of the WWE mandate through the internet

“You guys, there may be a time where I have to stop streaming. So, just in case I have to walk away, let’s make these next two streams crazy. Wanna make the next two streams crazy? Let’s just go off. We have to go off. If I have to leave, we have to make today and Saturday f**king crazy before I have to leave. It might have to come to that.”

Following a few minutes of silence, Paige spoke again and this time she was pissed off at WWE and admitted that she “cannot deal with this company anymore.”

Paige has already said that Twitch was a mental escape for her and now WWE is taking it away from her.

“I have to make a very important decision. I’m f***ing tired man. I broke my f***ing neck twice for this company. All I wanted was to…They don’t realize that this community isn’t just about f***ing subs dude. It isn’t about that. We built such a wonderful community. A wonderful fucking family where this is an escape for a lot of people, including myself.”

“I can’t wrestle anymore. I worked so hard in WWE that I can’t wrestle anymore, my neck is f***ed. My whole f***ing dreams got taken away from me dude and I had to have something that fulfilled that huge f***ing void that I lost from wrestling. I couldn’t wrestle anymore. Something that I lived, breathed and f***ing s**t wrestling ever since I was a f***ing fetus and it got ripped from me. And I had to find something that even filled a little bit of that and Twitch was doing such a wonderful thing for me.”

“It’s such a wonderful place for me. I understand if you’re wrestling every day and you’re doing these shows every day and you’re on TV constantly, that’s fine. I’m a f***ing injured wrestler, I cannot wrestle anymore. I get used for media stuff sometimes but at the end of the day, I’m in my f***ing house. I’m going f***ing crazy, dude. I need something to keep me f***ing sane man. Twitch was my escape from that.”

Seems like Paige isn’t going to take a break from Twitch as she said she’ll not allow WWE to control her life.

“People don’t realize, I’m outspoken as f**k. I will say how I feel, I don’t care who you are. I will say how I feel because I don’t like being walked all over.”

“You know what, I’m gonna start looking more into unionization. I’ve been learning about it by a unionization lawyer. This is bigger than Twitch, it’s about taking f***ing control over your own life and not being controlled by anyone.