Paige Teases That Women’s Tag Team Championships Could Be Coming To SmackDown Live

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SmackDown General Manager Paige has made a number of positive changes since she took over the reins from Daniel Bryan back in April when the latter was cleared to make his return to the ring for the first time in more than two years.

The former Divas Champion obviously wants to make some historic changes when it comes to the Women’s Revolution and her latest Tweet has many fans speculating that the Women’s Tag Team Championships could be coming to SmackDown Live.

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WWE has pushed together a number of teams in the Women’s Division on Raw and SmackDown over the past few months in preparation for the Tag Team Championships to be unveiled and it appears that the perfect time could be at Evolution.

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There has been a special announcement rumored for the all-women’s pay-per-view and it’s thought that this is the main change that the WWE is expected to make in the coming months.

That being said, there is still a month to go until the all-women’s pay-per-view which means that Paige could announce some kind of tag team tournament for the women so that the company has a final for Evolution when the Tag Team Championships are rumored to be unveiled.

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Paige has been very vocal about the Women’s Revolution over the past few days after an article was written about Divas not deserving a place as part of the history-making pay-per-view.

The former NXT Women’s Champion also uses her Social Media to make announcements for SmackDown Live as the General Manager and it’s believed that this one is aimed at the SmackDown roster and the WWE Universe should expect some real changes in the coming months.