Pat McAfee Takes a Shot at Tyson Fury Ahead of His WWE Debut

Pat McAfee will be stepping up to the challenge of Adam Cole next weekend at Takeover: XXX after weeks of the two stars going head to head.

McAfee started the issues when he made some interesting comments about Cole’s time in NXT and the reason why he’s a former NXT Champion. This led to Triple H being on hand to lay down the challenge and the former NFL star accepted.

McAfee has been sharing images and videos online ahead of his debut that shows that he is preparing well for his debut, but he also talked himself up in a recent episode of his radio show, where he also took a shot at Tyson Fury, who wrestled Braun Strowman in Saudia Arabia last year.

“Listen, I got in shape for my wedding. Best shape that I’ve been in in a long time. It is nothing just to continue that to go, and I will make sure that I won’t look terrible in there like the Saturday Night Live guys did. And by the way, Tyson Fury, best boxer I’ve ever seen, he looked terrible in the [WWE] ring.”

“There’s been a lot of outsiders, even though I’ve worked for NXT for a few years, and I’ve had a match before. Shout out WARPIG, IWA East Coast. I also kicked his head off, pinned him. It’s a common trend here. I am undefeated. I don’t know if anybody in NXT is currently undefeated throughout their entire professional wrestling career like me.”

McAfee has wrestled before had skipped his honeymoon to be part of the current feud with Adam Cole so he will definitely want to make sure his match is one of the highlights of the night.