Paul Heyman Challenges Apollo Crews to Be “A Man” and Not a “Wannabe Challenger”

Former WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews was given some career advice by Paul Heyman during the latest edition of Talking Smack.

Crews has been paling it up backstage on SmackDown with the current Intercontinental Champion Big E. Some might say that Crews was responsible for Big E winning the Intercontinental Championship from Sami Zayn when, as a lumberjack, Crews prevented Zayn from running away and ditching the match that Big E eventually won.

Crews himself referred to the incident when he asked for and was granted a match against Big E for the Intercontinental Championship on this episode of SmackDown. Crews lost but still seemed chummy with Big E afterward.

On Talking Smack, Heyman criticized Crews for being “happy” at having a friendly rivalry with Big E.

“You let all your dreams slip your fingers because you’re a sportsman, you’re a gentleman. You’re in there with a friend who you respect and admire,” said Heyman about the match.

Heyman then went on to say this meant that Crews was letting Big E take advantage of him, take “food off his plate” and from his wife and children. He challenged Crews to take a different tact which he was confident would lead to better things.

“I know you, and you’re not a loser! You’re a winner. You’re a champion. And in my mind, you’re every bit as much the champion as Big E is,” he told Crews.

“You’re not here to make friends. You’re here to make money. You’re here to stake your claim of greatness,” he added before challenging Crews to leave the show a “wannabe challenger” and come back in a few weeks as the champion and “a man”.