Paul Heyman Claims Roman Reigns Was Born to Be the Biggest Star in Wrestling, Takes Shot at The Fiend

Roman Reigns returned to WWE a few weeks ago with a new look and a new attitude and was later joined by Paul Heyman.

Reigns was able to celebrate his return to WWE back at Payback when he won the Universal Championship in a match that also included The Fiend and Braun Strowman.

Paul Heyman recently appeared on The Bump where he took a shot at The Fiend and basically pointed out why Wyatt’s alter-ego isn’t a good thing for WWE.

“Take a look at what’s happened to the championship that Roman Reigns established as the pre-eminent title in WWE. A Fiend? Come on. A Fiend? If a Fiend moves next door to you would you be celebrating with your family? ‘Oh, there’s a Fiend that moved next door. Oh, the neighborhood is so wonderful now. Oh, we have a Fiend next door’. No, you would lock your doors, you would bolt your windows, you’d put a gate up. You’d be selling your property the next day.

“But if Roman Reigns moved next door, wouldn’t you be bragging to everybody that you know? ‘Hey, the single biggest superstar in sports entertainment lives next door to me. Hey, I live next door to Roman Reigns’. Wouldn’t that be a sense of pride?”

Heyman also went on to talk about his newest acquisition and stated that from the moment that Roman Reigns was born, the world knew that he was going to be the biggest star in the Wrestling Industry.