Paul Heyman’s New Creative Role Could Help Brock Lesnar Stay & Ronda Rousey Return To WWE

The Beast may stick around longer while Rousey's WWE return becomes even more imminent

Image via WWE

Paul Heyman is the new Executive Director of WWE’s flagship show Monday Night RAW.

The legendary Advocate portrays a ton of experience in the pro wrestling industry and has worked with several Superstars namely, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Ronda Rousey, Aleister Black and Alexa Bliss on their respective segments from time to time.

Heyman has been enjoying an exclusive relationship with Lesnar for over a decade now. The Advocate is the only one in all of WWE who has the right to speak for The Beast, be it in the arena or in public.

Last year, a big rumor started doing rounds in the IWC – Heyman and Rousey would be teaming up to bring on the next big thing in the Women’s Division in WWE. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and The Rowdy One turned heel all by herself although her promos were heavily worked out by The Advocate backstage.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that promoting Heyman to a highly influential position in WWE is a bonus for Vince McMahon – simply put, the 53-year-old persona is the ideal gateway for both UFC-WWE crossover athletes, Lesnar and Rousey.

Heyman is very popular with the crew. He’s completely up-to-date on everyone and everything. His influence with McMahon has grown. Having Heyman in the role strengthens the idea of Lesnar staying and Rousey returning.

The Beast and Rowdy have both closed the door on UFC and are WWE lifers now. Despite this, there’s always an air of uncertainty surrounding the availability of the two.

Rousey is currently on an impregnation vacation with husband Travis Browne and is expected to return by WrestleMania 36. On the other hand, Lesnar is currently walking around as the 2019 Mr. Money In The Bank and is speculated to cash-in at SummerSlam.

Heyman’s new role can very much help in Lesnar sticking around longer than The Beast himself would expect. At the same time, Rousey’s WWE return becomes even more imminent (well, apparently) although she is yet to decide whether she will step in the ring ever again.