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Tony Khan Bans Hulk Hogan and His Ex-Wife From All AEW Shows

The United States has been going through a number of issues over the past week with riots sparking up in a number...

Rob Gronkowski Reportedly Released By WWE Following Title Loss on Raw

Last night on RAW, Rob Gronkowski lost the 24/7 Championship to R-Truth to mark his WWE exit ahead of the upcoming NFL...

WWE Raw: Dominik Mysterio Sends Warning to Seth Rollins, R-Truth Reclaims 24/7 Championship

The WWE Universe was prepared for Rey Mysterio's retirement ceremony this week on Monday Night Raw, but it wasn't as expected. Mysterio...

Adam Cole Becomes The Longest Reigning WWE NXT Champion

Adam Cole has now held the WWE NXT Championship for a year, becoming the longest-reigning champion in the title’s history.

Paul Heyman Reportedly Had A Heavy Influence On RAW This Week

Paul Heyman began his new role as Executive Director of Monday Night RAW quite recently, but this week’s episode was influenced heavily by The Advocate. Heyman was appointed as Executive Director last month, and in his very first night in charge, the episode felt edgier with swearing and intense action.

However, Heyman was never given full control of the way things worked on RAW. The episodes returned to the older format soon enough. But today’s episode was a clear sign that Heyman is being given more control over the red brand.

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According to, this week was the heaviest Heyman influenced episode of RAW. The general consensus around the episode was much better than it has been in recent times. The last hour of the show was much more action-packed and felt a return to the way things happened in the Attitude Era.

There were several beatdowns, and mixing up of different storylines, which made the episode feel much fresher and helped superstars like Cedric Alexander to make a name for themselves.

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Paul Heyman even appeared in his on-screen role as Brock Lesnar‘s manager, when Brock handed a beating of a lifetime to Seth Rollins. In one of the best segments featuring Brock Lesnar in recent times, the Beast incapacitated his challenger Seth Rollins.

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Hopefully, tonight’s SmackDown Live is produced in a similar way with Eric Bischoff getting more freedom to express his ideas and bring out his storylines. Things will only go upward if Bischoff and Heyman continue the good work they have been doing.

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Vince McMahon is still the final Authority in WWE, however, he would eventually move out from WWE to focus more on his pet-project XFL. Until then, Bischoff and Heyman will continue to have great control over things, but not full control.


Rob Gronkowski Reportedly Has Backstage Heat Following WrestleMania Mishap

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Tony Khan Bans Hulk Hogan and His Ex-Wife From All AEW Shows

The United States has been going through a number of issues over the past week with riots sparking up in a number...

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