Paul Heyman Reveals Why WWE Paired Him With CM Punk

Paul Heyman has managed several wrestlers over the years. Apart from Brock Lesnar, CM Punk was the most famous Paul Heyman guy in WWE.

Recently, the former Raw Executive Director spoke with Inside The Ropes and talked about his time managing Punk.

Heyman said that this pairing was very unexpected. Both stars didn’t expect to work together in WWE. The Advocate also said that he had the time of his life with Punk.

“I look over at him at he says ‘Can you believe they’re f***ing putting us together?'” said Heyman. “And I’m like ‘We’re both gonna be f***ing fired in the next four weeks, don’t you get it?’ And he goes ‘But the s**t we’re going to stir in four weeks, they don’t f***ing have a clue!'”

“I loved working with him, I loved it. I had the time of my life.”

Heyman also talked about the reason behind this pairing. He said that Vince McMahon wanted fans to boo Punk against John Cena. But since that wasn’t possible, he wanted to make the fans gasp at the very least.

“How do you turn CM Punk heel in Chicago? Make it even more difficult: How do you turn him heel on John Cena? Because Night Of Champions is in Boston, which is John Cena’s hometown, where they are sure to boo John Cena and cheer CM Punk.”

“So, Vince comes up with the idea ‘If I can’t make them boo him, I can at least make them gasp.'”