Paul Heyman To Return With New Stable On RAW

paul heyman
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Brock Lesnar’s loss to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam and subsequent departure from WWE has caused “Advocate” Paul Heyman to stay away from WWE TV.

But only for so long.

Ringside News  reports that Joe Peisich of Barnburner Fired Up claims Heyman may return to Monday Night RAW to put together a spectacular group of Superstars comprising of Kevin Owens and RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey among other talent.

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It appears that there are big plans for Heyman in the immediate future.

Peisich said: “Paul Heyman/Kevin Owens. There is still some talk going around when Paul Heyman does return he’ll have a stable.

“Maybe Ronda Rousey, maybe Kevin Owens, maybe some other guys. But there’s still some talk within the WWE of having Paul Heyman run a stable.”

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The WWE Universe has been yearning for a Kevin Owens/Paul Heyman alliance ever since KO announced his departure two weeks ago on RAW. Both men are unmatched when it comes to microphone skills and share the same heel persona, thus making them the ideal pair to shake things up in WWE.

Owens, however, returned to RAW last week to attack Bobby Lashley and then joined 13 other heels to destroy The Shield.

Fans are also looking for Heyman pairing up with Ronda Rousey. The RAW Women’s Champion has been putting her opponents down ever since landing in WWE in January.

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The former UFC Women’s Bantamweight is currently on a babyface run, so an alliance with Heyman seems quite unlikely at the moment, given she is also engaged in a traditional babyface/heel feud with RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon.

However, joining forces with Heyman could help Rousey expand her horizons in the business, strengthen her image and would also help her improve her microphone skills since the legendary manager stands as the Godfather of blasting and spinning words in the pro-wrestling industry.