Pay-Per-View Update: WWE Confirms Longer Shows, Reveals Timings

It was earlier reported that WWE would be extending all Pay-Per-Views by an hour or two.  Now, the company has itself opened up on the issue.

WWE recently confirmed that all Pay-Per-Views will start at 7 PM Eastern Time (previously 8 PM) and will run until 11 PM Eastern Time (approx.). The shows could however go longer if the management feels necessary.

The Holy Trinity (Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, Survivor Series) will be 5 hours long and will also begin at 7 PM Eastern Time. It is expected that WWE’s biggest show of the year, WrestleMania will not abide by this rule as The Showcase of the Immortals is scheduled to run longer than 5 hours. This means that the biggest events will run into midnight. The kickoff shows will presumably begin at 6 PM Eastern Time. With this move, Backlash and Extreme Rules are also set to become marathons.


WWE’s new move has been well received by the WWE Universe so far as fans expect to see more talent and new feuds (including more dream matches) on the Pay-Per-Views. WWE already has more than 110 main roster talent and featuring every single one of them on the show on a weekly basis is an impossibility.  The extended Pay-Per-Views which begin with Money in The Bank, has been planned to accommodate the dual-brand format in order to allow more talent to be on the Pay-Per-View Match Card. On the flip side, not everyone is ready to sit through a 4-hour long wrestling show on a Sunday night.