Pete Dunne Becomes Producer for NXT UK

NXT UK has returned to the air with pre-taped episodes and a former WWE United Kingdom Champion as a producer.

Pete Dunne appeared during the latest episode of NXT UK in a backstage segment where he was labeled as “NXT UK Producer.”

Dunne, originally came to WWE when he competed in the United Kingdom Tournament in 2016. He was last seen on WWE TV as one half of the WWE NXT Tag Team Champions along with Matt Riddle.

Dunne had been in the UK when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and has been unable to return to NXT due to travel restrictions.

His last appearance on WWE TV was on March 11, when he and Riddle successfully defended their titles.

Since Dunne was unable to travel, Riddle defended the tag titles with Timothy Thatcher, but the duo lost the titles in May. Shortly after, Riddle and Thatcher’s partnership fell apart and the tag titles were lost before Riddle got drafted to SmackDown.

Dunne remains part of NXT, and many NXT and NXT UK stars do double duty on both shows. If and when Dunne returns to NXT, however, it’s uncertain if he will be a singles star or try and find a replacement for Riddle.