Pete Dunne Closing In On Huge WWE Record

Pete Dunne won the United Kingdom Championship back at NXT Takeover: Chicago in 2017 and has since defended against all on-comers over the past year and a half.

The British star has now completed 500 days as Champion and is closing in on Brock Lesnar’s 504-day reign as Universal Champion, a reign that only ended back at WrestleMania.

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Dunne is now just a week away from breaking Asuka’s 510-day record which would make him the longest reigning Champion of the modern era having already surpassed a number of lengthy reigns, including CM Punk’s historic 434-day reign as WWE Champion.

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The United Kingdom Champion has even released a new shirt to celebrate the milestone, which obviously doesn’t come around often for WWE superstars since the company is better known for collective title reigns than lengthy ones.

Many fans have argued that Dunne isn’t on the main roster so he isn’t forced to defend his title on a regular basis, which is one of the reasons why Bruno Sammartino was able to hold the title for almost 3,000 days back in the 1960s.

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Dunne’s last title defense was just over a week ago when he faced Ricochet in a winner takes all match on NXT where both the North American Championship and the United Kingdom titles were on the line, but due to interference, both men retained their titles.

If Dunne holds the title for the next 10 days and is able to surpass Asuka, then the next record is Lex Luger’s 523 day reign as United States Champion from 1989-90 and he would then be second to the great Bruno Sammartino himself and it’s highly unlikely that Dunne will be able to break the WWE Hall of Famer’s long-standing 2,803 day reign.