Pete Dunne Comments On Possible Match With Brock Lesnar, Recalls Vince McMahon Chants In Blackpool

Pete Dunne

NXT Takeover: Blackpool was seen as a huge success as the UK division opened the curtain on their first ever Takeover event. Pete Dunne celebrated more than 600 days as United Kingdom Champion by successfully defending his Championship against Joe Coffey, before he was approached by the debuting Walter.

Dunne has been the face of the UK brand over the past two years and was present for the opening of the new WWE Performance Center in London, England where he was asked about a future match with Brock Lesnar.

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Of course, Lesnar is the most dominant force in the company right now and since Dunne is currently the longest reigning Champion on any brand in the company so the conversation of a match between Lesnar and Dunne is now doing the rounds.

“I’m still young, so down the line, I’d love to wrestle Brock Lesnar, to main event WrestleMania and do all of that. But right now, it’s not even a focus. I’m one of the faces that grew this brand, so there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a facility like this [WWE UK Performance Center],” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Inside The Ropes also released a video interview of Triple H where he was able to open up about Pete Dunne’s reaction to the Vince McMahon chants in Blackpool on Saturday.

“I wondered how many questions in we would get before someone asked about this. It’s funny because Pete Dunne just said to me backstage, ‘When I heard that chant I just wanted to get out of here.’”

“The beautiful things about what they do is exactly that. You express your opinions. You express it vocally and loud. We are the first product I think in the world where that crowd participation was not just a part of it. Boo, cheer — that’s a sport, but it’s what we go after. I’m not saying directly that chant, right? But it is the participation of what we do. It is the involvement.”

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“In sports, they talk about (I’m not a big sports guy) the sixth player on the court or whatever it is. Here, they’re just as much a part of what it is, an awesome crowd that makes something unbelievable, you know? Something good.”

“An awesome crowd like what we had here tonight can turn something great into something magic that you’ll never forget. Part of that is the ability to express your opinion, no matter what it is,” he said via Ringsidenews.