Peyton Royce Refuses to Be Part of a Team With Lacey Evans

It’s been a rough few months for Peyton Royce since many fans believed that she was split from Billie Kay so that she could be pushed on Monday Night Raw, but that hasn’t been the case.

Instead, Royce was pushed into a dysfunctional team with Lacey Evans and even failed to qualify for the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team a few weeks ago.

At present, Royce has been missing from Raw for a few weeks and doesn’t have any creative options moving forward. Earlier today on The Bump, the hosts were looking to name the team that had been created by WWE which consisted of Evans and Royce when The Australian star took to Twitter.

Royce made it clear that she would only be part of a team if it was with Billie Kay, before noting that she was “dead serious.” Lacey Evans didn’t seem to be too worried about it and responded by mocking the former Women’s Tag Team Champion but stating that she was “dead serious.”

A few months ago, Royce was listed as one of the women that Vince McMahon had some big plans for, but it appears that this could have changed unless 2021 is her year.