Peyton Royce Reveals Why She Didn’t Like Billie Kay In High School

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Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have become two of the biggest female stars on SmackDown Live ever since they were promoted to the main roster earlier this year and have the chance to finally return home as part of WWE Super Show-Down next weekend (Oct 6th) when they take on Naomi and Asuka in Melbourne, Australia.

Royce and Kay both originate from Down Under and even attended the same high school, but whilst many fans were led to believe that the two women have been good friends since the beginning, this isn’t actually the case.

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Royce recently spoke to TV Insider where she revealed that there was an unspoken rivalry between the two women centered around wrestling.

“We actually went to high school together. We didn’t like each other. We had an unspoken rivalry of who was the biggest wrestling fan in the school.”

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“When I found PWA (Pro Wrestling Australia), the wrestling school back home, I found it because Billie was on a poster. I was like, ‘I went to school with her!’ This was the school I wanted to learn my craft, and she was on the poster, ” she said via Ringsidenews. “She made me think, ‘okay, I guess I can get to know her.’”

Royce later noted that once the two women officially met and started training together they became good friends and have now been close for the past decade.

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“As soon as we spoke and had our first training session together, we were instantly best friends. We’ve known each other for 10 years now, so we’ve done a lot of growing up together.”

“We’ve had the same goals forever. We’ve been going in the same direction, pushing each other and being there for each other along this time.”