Popular WWE Pay-Per-View Set To Return In September

Every Championship in WWE could be put on the line in one night

Clash of Champions

WWE presents Stomping Grounds this Sunday night which has taken Backlash’s place because Money in the Bank was moved to a month earlier than usually scheduled.

The company likes to move around pay-per-views every year to keep the WWE Universe on their toes and it appears that this September they will be bringing back a popular pay-per-view with an even better concept.

The Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina recently announced on their Twitter page that WWE would be returning to the arena on September 15th for Clash of Champions which will be the first time that the company has presented a pay-per-view in North Carolina for more than a decade.

Clash of Champions was once a popular pay-per-view and was similar to the lengthy Night of Champion event that would see every Championship in WWE put on the line in one night, but this came to an end back in December 2017, since WWE couldn’t make space for the event last year.

September has seen a number of different pay-per-views on WWE TV over the past few years including Hell in a Cell and No Mercy, but finally it appears that Clash of Champions could be making its return and the fact that there are more titles in the company right now than ever before, it could be quite an interesting concept.

Given the current state of the Universal Championship and the fact that Brock Lesnar could be a main champion in a few months time, it would be interesting to see if Lesnar is forced to defend his title at a B-level pay-per-view along with other WWE Champions at the time.

There are currently 10 Champions on the two main WWE brands including the Women’s Tag Team Champions and the 24/7 Champion, which means that this could be quite a lengthy pay-per-view.