Popular WWE Tag Team Splits On SmackDown Live

Aiden English
Image via Twitter.com

There are a number of interesting Tag Teams on SmackDown Live right now, but it was already announced a few weeks ago that The Bar would be The New Day’s Tag Team Championship challengers following Hell in a Cell, so many of the WWE Universe questioned what would happen to Rusev Day.

Aiden English and Rusev came up short on Sunday night when they were relegated to the kickoff show in their quest to become Tag Team Champions before they were seen backstage this week on SmackDown Live and Rusev stated that he blamed English for the loss.

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English pleaded that he tried his best and The Bulgarian Brute then informed him that his best wasn’t good enough. The former Tag Team Champion then ranted about Lana being the real problem when the couple had walked away before The Ravishing Russian then overheard and told English that she would tell Rusev.

Lana was unable to tell Rusev before his match with Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States Championship, but English and Lana were at ringside for the match and after English started chanting and distracted Rusev, Nakamura secured the roll-up victory.

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It was obvious that Rusev was annoyed, but English decided to run in and attack Rusev before he could turn the tables on him. Lana was then left screaming over his husband as English made his way to the back and the WWE Universe came to terms with the fact that Rusev Day is no longer a faction.

This could be an interesting singles push for English in the coming months since many of the WWE Universe expect him to become another forgotten star on the SmackDown brand without Rusev.