Possible Dean Ambrose Return Date Revealed

Dean Ambrose has always been one of the most popular stars in WWE, but he was forced onto the sidelines back in December when he suffered a tricep injury that needed surgery.

The prognosis for the former World Champion following his injury was nine months on the sidelines, something that comes to an end the week after SummerSlam.

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According to a report today by CageSideSeats, Ambrose is set to return to WWE shortly after “The Biggest Party of the Summer” which could easily tie into the feud that his former teammate Seth Rollins is currently part of.

Rollins has been outnumbered by Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler over the past few weeks and it’s expected that the former World Champion will return and reunite with his former Shield teammate to help him overcome these odds.

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There have been a few teases that Ambrose could return and turn heel on his former friend and rival, but it is thought that given the current storyline, an Ambrose return to save Rollins could be the best option.

WWE originally planned for Rollins and Ambrose to rehash their feud from back in 2014 but this time with Rollins as the face and Ambrose as the heel heading into WrestleMania but his untimely injury caused these plans to change and it’s currently unknown if the company will pick this back up again.

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Their feud back in 2014 was seen as one of the best that year and Rollins himself has stated many times whether they are stood next to each other in the ring or on opposite sides, he believes that Ambrose is his wrestling soulmate and in around three weeks time they will be finally be reunited.