Possible Outcome Of Roman Reigns Vs. Bobby Lashley At Extreme Rules Revealed?

On an edition of the Wrestling Observer Live, a possible outcome of Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley at WWE Extreme Rules was possibly “revealed”.

Apparently, The Dominator is likely to defeat The Big Dog at Extreme Rules—something that could be in direct contradiction to what a major portion of the WWE Universe and industry experts initially believed. Besides, additional details on the same have also been expounded upon.

Bryan Alvarez noted that Reigns was the one who refused to tag Lashley in at this week’s RAW, owing to which the latter was probably justified in walking away from the match. Alvarez stated—

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“Listen, I don’t think it’s out of the question at all, that Bob (Bobby Lashley) is gonna win at the (Extreme Rules) PPV. That’s a story they’re telling with Roman (Reigns).”

“Roman’s a loser; they’re never giving him his opportunities; he keeps failing—the idea is that you’re going to get behind the guy (Reigns). It sure didn’t work (on RAW), because he tries realhard…”

“(Reigns) wouldn’t tag his partner and he got beat as a result. (The Revival) gave him a Shatter Machine, and the fans chanted ‘one more time’.”

Moreover, Alvarez suggested that the primary goal behind the current storyline is to get Reigns beat up in most segments and matches in order to garner him the WWE Universe’s sympathy and to get the fans behind him by portraying him as an underdog character.