Possible Reason Why Becky Lynch Dropped The Women’s Championship At TLC

Image via Twitter.com

Heading into TLC, it was believed that Becky Lynch would be forced to drop the Women’s Championship since she is now stepping into a feud with Ronda Rousey.

The former UFC Champion made her presence known last night when she invaded the SmackDown Women’s Championship match and cost Lynch her title. 

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Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently noted that this was done by design because Lynch is now set to step away from the Women’s title and Charlotte could be looking to chase Asuka into this year’s WrestleMania instead. 

“It makes sense for a lot of reasons. Number one, it removes the title from Becky Lynch. Number two it allows them to begin the build for Becky Lynch going into the Royal Rumble and winning it in order to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. It allows Charlotte to have someone to chase. It allows Charlotte and Ronda Rousey to have rematches down the line,” he said via Ringsidenews

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Many fans were disappointed that Lynch lost her title since she’s one of the most popular stars in the company at present, but WWE looked at the bigger picture and now Lynch could make the move over to Monday Night Raw and be set to face her toughest opponent. 

WWE has to continue, there is no offseason and now Asuka can hold down the fort on SmackDown Live whilst Lynch moves over to Raw and could be given the opportunity to main event WrestleMania.

Sometimes WWE stars have to lose in order to move onto something much bigger and even though Lynch lost her Championship on Sunday night, she wasn’t pinned and she now moves onto a much bigger feud so WWE did a good job of telling a story throughout.