Possible Reason Behind Kurt Angle’s “Vacation”

Monday Night on RAW Stephanie McMahon decided that General Manager Kurt Angle should be given a vacation because she didn’t believe that the work he had been doing as part of her show had been up to standard.

Baron Corbin will be seen as the acting General Manager of Raw in his absence and giving the flagship show a heel manager could lead to a number of interesting story arcs since teams like The Shield are seen as faces.

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Whilst this vacation does fit in nicely with the route that many of Raw’s storylines are taking, Cagesideseats are reporting that there is another reason why Angle has been taken out of his position on Raw, which could see him return to the ring in the future.

The site details the fact that Angle has now been given the free time to train ahead of an in-ring return, which was something that was rumored earlier this year after he made his return to the ring at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs as a replacement for Roman Reigns.

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Given the fact that Brock Lesnar attacked Kurt Angle on RAW a few weeks ago after he told him that he was the worst Universal Champion in history when it comes to feuds that Angle could step into as part of an in-ring return, then the former Universal Champion will definitely be at the top of that list.

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Angle has gained a lot of negative attention from the WWE Universe for his promos on Raw over the past few weeks, so a vacation could be good for the former World Champion, who has been seen as the General Manager of RAW since April last year.