Possible Reason For Canceled Segment On This Week’s WWE 205 Live

Mike and Maria are currently part of an interesting storyline

Mike-Maria Kanellis
Image via Wrestlezone.com

Drake Maverick and Mike Kanellis have had quite the back and forth over the past few weeks and it was announced that the two stars would be signing their contract for their upcoming match next week as part of this week’s episode of 205 Live, but interestingly this never happened and wasn’t even mentioned on the episode.

Maverick was part of the show but only appeared in a backstage role where he revealed that their match would be a non-sanctioned match next week. Mike and Maria were suspiciously absent from the show just one night after the duo were spotted backstage as part of The Raw Reunion show, but Maria herself took to Instagram yesterday to reveal why.

Maria stated that she had been hospitalized with severe morning sickness in her second pregnancy, which could also have been a flu bug. The former Impact Wrestling star is just 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and also has a 15-month-old child called Fredrica Moon.

The 205 Live star stated that she and the baby are now doing well, which is the main thing after she was sick for a number of hours, which would have forced both her and her husband to miss the 205 Live tapings that night.

Mike’s match next week is one that he will definitely need to be in attendance for, but of course, his wife and child come first and Maria pointed out that they are both now healthy after becoming incredibly dehydrated.

Mike and Maria are currently part of an interesting storyline that has managed to overlap onto Monday Night Raw as well. It’s known that Maria will have to take maternity leave at some point in the near future, which means that there is only a small window that WWE can continue to push this storyline for.