Possible Reason Why Asuka Has Been Overlooked Since WrestleMania

Asuka was once seen as The Undefeated Empress and was able to leave NXT last year unpinned as Champion before she was moved to the main roster and won the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble.

The Japanese star chose Charlotte as her opponent for WrestleMania and it was believed that Asuka would finally pick up gold on the main roster as part of their match.

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This wasn’t the case, instead, The Queen ended the undefeated streak and Asuka has since been moved over to SmackDown Live permanently where she has struggled to remain relevant.

Asuka is currently part of a team alongside Naomi and the duo recently lost to the IIconic’s at Super Show-Down which has cemented Asuka’s fall from grace but the interesting part of the story was recently revealed by Dave Scherer on PW Insider Elite Audio, where he stated that the reason why Vince McMahon isn’t using Asuka as much on WWE TV was because  “she doesn’t speak good English”.

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Asuka has made this part of her character over the past few years, but now it appears that it’s becoming a problem for her when she’s performing on the main roster regularly.

There is definitely nothing wrong with The Empress of Tomorrow when it comes to her in-ring ability, which begs the question as to why WWE doesn’t just allow Asuka to wrestle and not cut promos.

There have been many stars over the years who have been unable to deliver on the mic, but this has never affected their overall push in the company and since McMahon was aware that Asuka didn’t speak good English when he signed her, this is a strange factor to hold her back at this point in her career.