Possible Reason Why Elias’ Show Was Cancelled

Image via TheChairshot.com

Elias has become one of the most popular stars in WWE over the past few years, but the former Champion was supposed to have his own concert in Brooklyn this past weekend ahead of SummerSlam until it was announced that WWE was forced to cancel.

Even though Elias didn’t make a fuss about the fact that his big appearance was canceled and he was forced to perform at SummerSlam instead, the real reason that Elias wasn’t able to perform as part of his own show was because tickets for the show didn’t sell very well.

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WWE obviously thought that Elias would be able to sell many more tickets than he actually did, but Brad Shepard stated on a recent episode of Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast that WWE decided to cancel since there wasn’t enough interest in it as a solo event.

“I did get confirmation this week that Elias’ concert which was going to be its own separate event and was moved to SummerSlam was indeed canceled due to low ticket sales,” he said via RingSideNews.

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Elias was featured on RAW last night when he almost lost to Curt Hawkins, but Drift Away allowed him to pick up the win and stretch his defeated streak to 219 matches. It is unknown what WWE is planning for Elias moving forward since he was in a feud with Bobby Lashley ahead of SummerSlam, but Lashley didn’t feature at the event and Elias was only given a short cameo.

It appears that the company has probably learned that Elias isn’t as popular as they thought that he was with the WWE Universe and won’t look into events this big in the future.