Possible Reason Why Evolution Wasn’t Brought Up On RAW

This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW saw the final build to WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view Crown Jewel that takes place tomorrow, November 2. Although Crown Jewel was mentioned, Evolution was barely mentioned during the 3-hour show.

Evolution, WWE’s inaugural all women’s pay-per-view created history on Sunday, October 28, as the current generation female Superstars and legends of the glorious past wrestled in front of 10,000 fans at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in East Garden City, New York. The show proved to be highly successful and exceeded all expectations.

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Despite its success, Evolution wasn’t much mentioned on the following night on RAW as the announcers seemed to be hell-bent on hyping Crown Jewel.

It’s true that focusing on the future and leaving behind the past is WWE’s regular norm, however, the way Evolution was neglected did bother a vast majority of fans despite the slideshows of the event being aired during RAW.

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As reported by Ringside News, Mike Johnson stated an ingenious theory on PWInsider Elite audio that possibly goes on to explain the matter in question.

WWE pretty much ignored that Evolution event took place the night before which is quite unusual given how the announcers generally mention that a certain pay-per-view took place the previous night.

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“I have a theory as to why they didn’t have a strong follow-up on the show. This show was not produced by Kevin Dunn and his band of merry men. It was the NXT team that produced that show and directed that show — Hunter’s team.”


“So I wonder if there was a disconnect there between side A and side B and the Kevin Dunn Monday Night Raw production side said, ‘We have to focus on this, the women’s stuff isn’t that important — that’s the other team.’ Maybe there’s this little bit of competition there.”