Possible Reason Why Lio Rush Was Brought Up To The Main Roster

lio rush
Image via BigGoldBelt.com

Lio Rush hasn’t gained the greatest reputation throughout his WWE career since a Tweet that he sent out a few years ago following Emma’s release caused him to be shunned from the locker room in NXT.

Rush was just 21 years old when he made that fatal error and he’s spent the last two years working his way up from the bottom of the company to make his debut on WWE TV this past week.

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Rush has been brought in as the new manager of Bobby Lashley and became the second 205 Live star to be used in a managerial role on Monday Night RAW after Drake Maverick was given the reins of AOP a few weeks ago.

WWE has seemingly changed their approach when it comes to managers on the RAW brand over the past few weeks, but interestingly, Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently reported that Lio Rush made a good case for himself on Social Media, which is why WWE decided to bring him into RAW.

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“In the case of Drake Maverick, the decision was made that they wanted a manager or they wanted a mouthpiece for Authors Of Pain.

“In the case of Lio Rush, I was told that someone in creative saw some promos that he cut on Twitter and brought it to the attention of WWE management and said, ‘look at this guy, look at what he’s doing on his own. Imagine if we channeled that and used him in a specific role,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Rush was part of a fantastic segment on RAW this past week where he and Lashley were able to get the better of Kevin Owens and Elias, many fans enjoyed his main roster debut and it’s thought that the best is still yet to come.