Possible Reason Why Mike And Maria Kanellis Were Moved Over To 205 Live

Maria Kanellis
Image via F4Wonline.com

Mike and Maria Kanellis made their debut on 205 Live earlier this week when they interrupted a match between Lince Dorado and Lio Rush.

Many fans were shocked to see Kanellis and his wife over on the Cruiserweight brand, but according to The Wrestling Observer, the reason for the switch was because Kanellis managed to shed a lot of weight and is now able to move to 205 Live since it appears that Raw and SmackDown Live have not been good options for him.

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“I think that her because she’s a really good talker and has a good personality on a show that probably needs somebody different,” he said via RingSideNews. “I think her being on the show is good and for him, it’s like he was going nowhere on Raw or SmackDown I think that was very clear that they were going to do nothing with him so at least he’s somewhere where he’ll get a little bit of something. It’s a good move.”

Mike and Maria Kanellis debuted on WWE TV back at Money in the Bank in 2017 but before Mike was able to hit his stride he was dropped from TV amidst rumors that Vince McMahon was no longer happy with him before Maria then announced that she was expecting the couple’s first child so she went off on maternity leave.

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Maria then suffered a broken wrist as she trained to make her return earlier this year, but now the former Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor star has been able to take her place alongside her husband once again and the couple could be given a real shot at becoming the IT Couple on 205 Live instead.