Possible Reasons Behind WWE’s Popular Tag Team Split

May 1st episode of SmackDown Live witnessed changes awaiting popular tag team Rusev Day comprising Rusev and Aiden English on the next few episodes of the blue brand. With Lana’s backstage segment with Rusev where the ravishing Russian also dropped her Russian accent, it seems like WWE is planning for a split between Rusev and English.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s own Dave Meltzer remarked,

“Looks like they’re gonna put Lana and Rusev back together. She has been completely and totally wasted as a wrestler. It didn’t work and it’s not right for her character.”

Bryan Alvarez was also of the opinion that Rusev is about to turn on English on the coming episodes of SmackDown Live.

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Meltzer followed suit, saying,

“The reality is that Aiden English doesn’t have a look they like, that’s the only thing I can say. His wrestling is fine, his singing is much better than Elias, he’s gotten somebody over like real big but they’re never gonna put that tag team over. We’ve seen it because if they were they would have done it already. Lana and Rusev, they’ve always had a good main event act together. Rusev and Aiden English is, in their minds, clearly a very mid-card losing tag team act to give people a few laughs and let them chant. So it’s best for all concerned to put [Rusev and Lana] back together again.”

It is to be noted that Rusev Day turned out to be one of the most chanted names across WWE arenas and was a top fan favorite among the WWE Universe despite their odd pairing. With WWE having a long history of limiting wrestlers if CEO Vince McMahon does not buy into the look, English seems to be among those wrestlers whom McMahon does not want to elevate up the card.