Possible Replacement For John Cena In WWE World Cup At Crown Jewel

John cena
Image via GiveMeSport.com

John Cena isn’t just seen as a wrestling personality anymore, instead, he is now an actor and show host in his own right and he has become a huge name outside of the WWE umbrella, which is why he is trying hard to protect the name that he has created.

Cena has reportedly refused to travel to Saudi Arabia with the rest of the WWE roster later this week because of the controversy surrounding the country at present, which is why there has been very little build up to this match with Cena involved.

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WWE has known for a number of weeks that the former World Champion wouldn’t be part of the show, but they have still continued the build with him in the match because there was hope that he would change his mind, but now the company has the tough task of writing him out of the pay-per-view just days before it airs.

According to a report from WrestleVotes, John Cena’s replacement in the match is expected to be former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley, since WWE is quite hot on Lashley at present and he doesn’t yet have anything to do on the show so he would be the perfect person to step into Cena’s place.

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Bobby Lashley has been on fire since turning heel on Kevin Owens a few weeks ago, but last week he lost a match to Finn Balor which definitely halted his push, perhaps this week on Raw the rematch between Lashley and Balor can have a place in the World Cup attached so that Lashley can knock off the first-ever Universal Champion enroute to qualifying for the huge Crown Jewel tournament.