Possible Spoiler On The Future Of Monday Night Raw After TLC

Image via WrestlingInc.com

Alexa Bliss was given a promotion last night on Raw when Baron Corbin praised her for her work at Survivor Series as the captain of the Women’s Survivor Series team which went on to be victorious over SmackDown Live.

Corbin gave Bliss control of the entire Women’s Division on Monday Night Raw and it appears that this could be a hint when it comes to the direction that WWE is looking to go in following TLC.

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Mike Johnson discussed Baron Corbin’s match with Braun Strowman on a recent episode of PWInsider’s Elite Audio where he talked about the fact that Bliss is now expected to take the reins when Corbin loses his high profile match to The Monster Among Men.

“They could also do a situation where Braun comes back and it’s a completely one-sided thing and he pins Baron Corbin very easily and you know we had heard that if that does happen then Alexa Bliss is gonna kinda be talked about as being slotted right into that GM role as a possibility.”

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“Who knows? Things could always change, she could be cleared to return to the ring but we did see tonight that she was given the chance and she was deputized  by Baron Corbin to oversee the entire Women’s Division so that could be the first step in a larger world for Alexa Bliss.”

Braun Strowman’s status for TLC is still currently up in the air since his promo last night on Raw seemed to hint that he may not be able to return at TLC but there are a number of backup options that WWE has if Strowman can’t be cleared in time.