Programming Line-Up for WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Announced

WWE has officially announced that they will have a full line-up of new programming that will lead up to the Royal Rumble 2021 this Sunday.

Starting 9 AM ET, there will be a livestream of Royal Rumble matches from the past decade. This can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

At 2 PM ET on the WWE Network, the “Ultimate Royal Rumble” event will begin. This show will feature Sam Roberts, Evan Mack, and Matt Camp. The three will give their ideas on how to construct the most epic Rumble match of all-time.

At 3 PM ET, Spanish WWE fans will want to catch the “La Previa”, a Royal Rumble pre-show in Spanish which will begin airing on the Network as well as WWE Espanol Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It can also be watched on YouTube as well as the main WWE Instagram.   

A special episode of The Bump will start at 4 PM ET on the Network as well as WWE’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Live, YouTube, and Twitch. Guests will be Bill Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, Josiah Williams, Sam Gradwell, and Millie B.

The Royal Rumble Kickoff will begin at 6 PM ET on the WWE Network as well as all of WWE’s social platforms.

The Royal Rumble itself will begin at 7 PM ET and there will be a Watch Along livestream that will begin at the same time. The Watch Along will have The Bella Twins, Tegan Nox, Sam Robbers, Vic Joseph, the cast of the Bump, RJ City, Queen of the Ring: Alex Pagan, Superfan Mike Brown, Diamond Dallas Page, and Rikishi.