R-Truth Almost Quit WWE in His Early Days

Nowadays, most high-profile wrestlers don’t debut on the main roster unless they have years of prior experience in wrestling. A lot of major WWE names today are essentially those who had already made a name for themselves outside of the company. 

Back in the days, however, WWE signed a lot of young wrestlers who didn’t have a lot of experience in wrestling. The company wanted to create some original stars and, as a result, the wrestling world witnessed wrestlers such as John Cena, Randy Orton, and more. 

A lot of wrestlers don’t make it after a few years of struggle. The record 44-time WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth revealed a similar personal story on The New Day: Feel the Power podcast. 

Truth revealed that he almost quit wrestling after he had spent over nine months in WWE’s developmental territory.

He was discouraged and ready to quit but, fortunately, Road Dogg saw him dancing and rapping while making his way to the ring. Dogg then suggested Truth to work with him as a tag team, to which the latter agreed.

Although his initial WWE stint ended in 2002, Truth reformed his team with Dogg in TNA and now is one of the most respected wrestlers in the wrestling community.