R Truth Reveals Why Vince McMahon Rejected His Original Plan To Crash Drake Maverick’s Wedding

Truth wanted to wear a wedding dress

Image via Twitter

R-Truth is a record 9-time WWE 24/7 Champion but doesn’t quite have the title on him at the moment. Drake Maverick currently has the 24/7 Championship around his waist and is enjoying his reign more than his honeymoon.

Last month, Maverick tied the knot with Renee Michelle but things didn’t go as planned. Prior to his wedding, the former 205 Live GM had disguised himself as Carmella and hoodwinked Truth to capture the title on SmackDown Live.

Just 3 days later, Truth surprisingly crashed Maverick’s wedding ceremony and won the gold back from the groom. The 47-year-old Superstar did the act wearing a sport coat with no shirt underneath.

On E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, R-Truth revealed that the original plan for him was to crash the ceremony in a wedding dress.

“Let me tell you about that man, that was Sarah’s idea, man. Oh my god, that was so funny, Sarah Stocks she was there. Because at first I was gonna do the wedding dress and Vince said ‘No, no wedding dress, that sounds like he’s trying to be funny. Let Truth just be funny, let him be himself.’”

“And when he said that I said, ‘alright cool, I see the point, no wedding dress’ and Sarah said, ‘what do you have on?’ I said ‘I got some black jeans.’ She said, well I’ve got a suit coat, we’ve ordered a suit coat for you’ and she said ‘how about you go with no shirt on?’”

“And I laughed and I went ‘everyone is dressed like they’re in a wedding,’ she said, ‘Yeah.’ Then I said, ‘Just because you said that I’m gonna wear it. That was all her.”

Maverick and Michelle are currently on their honeymoon without any sign of Truth in their near vicinity. However, it’s only a matter of time before the 9-time 24/7 Champion shows up to add yet another entertaining title victory to his name.