Randy Orton Asked For His Recent Heel Turn


Randy Orton is a former World Champion but some of the most memorable moments of his lengthy career have come when he was a heel superstar. Orton has had a number of nicknames that linked to these characters including The Viper and The Legend Killer.

It appears that even Orton himself has realised that his best work comes when he’s a heel since it was reported that the former World Champion requested his recent heel turn. The sure-fire future Hall of Famer is someone who is able to generate a lot of heat in his heel role and the company thought that this was the best way for him to make his return as well.

According to ewrestling, this is the role that the company wanted Orton to take on as well, but in the past he has gained a lot of attention from fans who have cheered for him despite him obviously being a heel. This is why the decision was made for him to return and attack Jeff Hardy, since he is one of the biggest babyfaces in the company right now.

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The feud between the two stars is set to continue throughout the next few months with Hardy returning on SmackDown Live tonight to confront the Apex Predator following the assault that he suffered a few weeks ago.

Given the fact that wrestling is in Orton’s blood, it makes sense that he has become one of the best wrestlers in the world. Orton knows a lot about the wrestling business and he knows more about his character than anyone else in the company so his current storyline could become something really interesting.