Randy Orton Takes Shot at The Young Bucks on Instagram, Matt Jackson Responds

WWE star Randy Orton has no qualms about calling out what he thinks are inadequacies in training from wrestlers who didn’t go through the WWE system.

He recently got into a Twitter exchange with someone in his own company, former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa, for criticizing the “indie work” he believed was often seen in NXT. So it should be no surprise that The Viper would take a shot at someone in the rival company of AEW.

Matt Jackson, one half of the AEW tag team ‘The Young Bucks’ and an executive VP of the company, posted a video on his Instagram of a moment in the Bucks’ match on last Wednesday’s Dynamite.

The video saw Jackson performing a Tope Con Hilo from the stage onto several members of the Dark Order standing below.

Jackson captioned the video saying that he really “stuck that landing.”

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I really stuck that landing, didn’t I?

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Orton saw the video and commented, noting that Jackson hadn’t really connected with the Dark Order members during the maneuver.

He then asked Jackson to say “hi” to several former WWE stars he had worked with who were now in AEW.

While the original post from Jackson has remained up, the captions seem to have been disabled, though screenshots are circulating about the exchange, including two different replies from Jackson to Orton.

Sportskeeda is reporting that Jackson asked Orton to thank “Paul” for the generous offer back in 2018. Jackson is alluding to the fact that WWE itself thought highly enough of the Bucks’ talent to have Triple H himself pursuing them to sign with the company.

Meanwhile, RingsideNews is saying Jackson responded to Orton by essentially calling him “old” and possibly out of touch. Jackson asked Orton if he could use the comment on the “50+” segment of the Bucks’ YouTube show, ‘Being The Elite’. The segment pokes fun on the fact that AEW isn’t popular with the demographic of 50 and above.