Randy Savage Taught Shane McMahon How To Wrestle?

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Shane McMahon may have taken a break from the family business during the early 2000s, but he’s been around it in one form or another for almost all of his life.

Even before he stepped into a wrestling ring, he would work as part of the ring crew and as a referee under the moniker ‘Shane Stevens’.

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“From the first day I met him because he was always a performer,” said Bruce Prichard on the latest edition of his Podcast.


“He was a performer when he was graduating high school and hanging around his buddies at the house. He just was one of those kids that was going to steal whatever environment he was in at the time; all eyes were going to be on him. That is who Shane McMahon is,” he added.

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According to Bruce Prichard, McMahon’s road to becoming an in-ring talent began sometime in the late 80s or early 90s when he asked Prichard if he could find someone to help him train in the ring.

Prichard revealed that, the superstar he enlisted to help train McMahon was none other than the Hall of Famer ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.

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“When he was on the road with us on the ring crew and as a referee. We were given strict instructions about not giving Shane any bumps and to take care of him and all this other crap, but he would get to the towns early and set up the ring and would ask me and Randy Savage whether Randy minded him showing Shane some stuff,” recalls Prichard.

Shane’s first official match took place in 1998, during an episode of Monday Night Raw. He has held the WWE European Championship and a WWE Hardcore Championship. His current on-screen role is as the commissioner of SmackDown Live and he recently won the first ever WWE World Cup.