Raw Superstar Working Through Injury

Image via GiveMeSport

Wrestling is a sport that comes with a number of drawbacks. Superstars are aware of many of these when they sign their contracts with WWE and much of the time they are forced to work with injuries if they are in the middle of a storyline and can do so safely.

In recent weeks a number of stars have shown the effects of their time on the road including Finn Balor who was sporting a badly bruised shoulder on Monday Night RAW in his match with Drew McIntyre, but this doesn’t even compare to the badly bruised knee that Mojo Rawley shared an image of on his Twitter account.

Mojo Rawley has picked up back to back wins over Tyler Breeze in recent weeks and even demanded bigger competition in an exclusive backstage video, all whilst his knee was heavily taped up to cover the extensive bruising.

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Rawley is from a football background which means that he is used to sucking it up and playing through the pain so don’t expect him to miss any TV time because of the injury which looks painful from the picture he shared. Right now the former Hype Bro is in a fantastic position on Monday Night RAW and will want to earn himself a place on the SummerSlam card so he won’t be looking for any time off in order to rehab this current knee injury.

Currently, there are a number of factors that are pointing towards a potential match for Rawley with former NXT Champion Bobby Roode at SummerSlam which will begin to build in the coming weeks since The Biggest Party of the Summer is now less than a month away.