RAW Taping Moved To December 16, Dolph Ziggler Almost Quit Before SummerSlam, Carolina Sent Back To NXT

Image via WWE

RAW Taping Moved To December 16

The December 17 taping of RAW, which was supposed to be done at the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa has been canceled because of a scheduling conflict.

The December 17 taping was supposed to be taped ahead and shown on December 23 to give WWE talent some holiday time off from December 22 till December 26. Instead, what is going to happen is that there will be two episodes of RAW on December 16 at the Wells Fargo Arena.

The first episode of RAW on December 16 will air live on that date. The second, however, will be aired on December 23.

With this announcement, WWE talent will still get their promised holiday break while lucky fans at the Wells Fargo Arena will basically get to watch two shows for the price of one.

The event’s starting time from December 16 has been moved to 5:45p with the doors at the Wells Fargo Arena set to open at 4:15p. Tickets are still available for purchase here.

Carolina Is Reportedly Not Part Of The Main Roster Yet

As part of a storyline rivalry with Andrade, Sin Cara has been accompanied by a masked Luchadora called Carolina in the past couple of episodes of RAW.

Carolina, who is NXT Superstar Catalina Garcia, was partnered with Sin Cara in a mixed tag match with Andrade and his business associate Zelina Vega on the last episode of RAW. Despite being featured in RAW, and getting a new name, this is not a call-up and Garcia is expected to return to NXT.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Carolina is not going to be featured anymore on RAW and she was, in fact, absent from Sin Cara’s side during the latest taping of RAW in Manchester, England. Garcia was just brought in to work a short program with Vega and that feud is reportedly over. As such, Garcia will be returning to work in NXT.

Dolph Ziggler Almost Quit Over Disagreements With Creative During SummerSlam

Dolph Ziggler was recently interviewed on Talk Sport’s “The Show-Off” where he talked with Alex McCarthy about his match with Goldberg during this year’s SummerSlam.

According to Ziggler, he almost quit the company as he did not agree with the original plan for the match.

The original plan was supposed to be that Goldberg would defeat Ziggler in only a few seconds. Ziggler wanted at least a two-minute match and threatened to quit if he didn’t get it. In the end, the match time was extended to one minute.