RAW Viewership Drops For The Second Week In A Row

The March 5th edition of WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw averaged 3.099 million viewers which is a significant drop from last week’s show by 81,000.

WWE has a brief history of struggling with viewership, but with Wrestlemania only a month away, the company must tie up its laces quickly and fire on all cylinders.

According to ShowBuzzDaily, the following is the hourly breakdown of viewership of Monday Night RAW on March 5, 2018:

Hour 1: 3.302 million

Hour 2: 3.267 million

Hour 3: 2.729 million

Although the second hour witnessed a loss of 35,000, the most significant drop occurred in the third hour when 538,000 fans turned away from the Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns segment.