Real Reason Why WWE Evolution Had A Scaled-Down Set

Evolution, WWE’s historic inaugural all women’s pay-per-view event took place last night from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, East Garden City, New York. The show turned out to be highly successful as Superstars of the present and legends of the past wrestled in front of 10,000 fans.

However, in spite of the show delivering on its promises, Evolution had a lackluster set, much to the shock and dismay of many fans who expected the arena to have the same look and feel that other WWE pay-per-view events normally have, given how special the show was.

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It takes a lot of proper planning and execution to host a WWE event, especially a pay-per-view. As reported by Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite audio, the reason behind Evolution having a scaled-down set is due to a logistical issue.

WWE has only so much production equipment and a limited number of employees who possess the skill to set up the stage for a pay-per-view event.

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“Raw and SmackDown are in the Carolinas. Monday Night Raw is in Charlotte which means the production trucks have to be in Charlotte so they can start setting up. So the production trucks could not be in New York, break everything down, then drive to the Carolinas and then get to Charlotte and then set up and be ready in time.”


“So they had a different scaled-down production and a different crew in some cases and the regular production is in Charlotte where it needed to be — the staging and the lighting and all that other stuff. There are certain people who work production that would usually be in town already for Raw and SmackDown and those shows and instead tomorrow morning they’re going to be on the first plane to Charlotte from New York.”

Ringside News further reports that WWE has a small production crew (as of this writing) as many members have flown to Saudi Arabia to begin setting up the stage for Crown Jewel. Getting a soccer field ready for a professional wrestling event by November 2 is no child’s play!