Real Reason Why WWE Is Doing Evolution All Women’s Pay-Per-View

For those of you who believe that Evolution, the first all-women’s pay-per-view event in the history of WWE, is going to take place on October 28, 2018 for the sole reason that the female Superstars were banned from participating in April’s Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, you’re probably right.

This week’s Monday Night RAW focused on Crown Jewel and made Evolution look like a sidekick or more of an afterthought.

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It was reported months ago that WWE was planning an all-women’s pay-per-view to get the heat off for the female talent not being able to compete in Saudi Arabia.

Dave Meltzer discussed the matter on Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

Meltzer noted:

“The reaction, as far internally is essentially that nobody saw [Evolution] as a big show other than a way to get Stephanie [McMahon] to brag about something and a way to try and take the heat off for the women not going to Saudi Arabia. That’s all.”

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Evolution would have given off the vibe of a big show had WWE chosen a major big-name arena.

“The fact that they put it in Nassau Coliseum tells you that they didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Nassau Coliseum is considered to be one of the worst arenas in the country for them to get reactions. They still may [get a big reaction] because the people in the building are going to think the show is historical. I think they are gonna react very good.”

Since there are only a few tickets left, WWE claims Evolution to be a sell out. However, it turns out that a large number of tickets were purchased by scalpers and the same have gone for sale on secondary markets starting at $9.