Reason Behind WWE Pulling Cruiserweight Division From Monday Night RAW

Over the past several months, WWE has made some definite changes to 205 Live. The Creative has ditched goofy storylines to bring forth more action in-between the ropes. Although the Cruiserweight Division in WWE is still at a nascent stage, the show has been winning over fans despite the fact that a certain part of the live crowd probably doesn’t keep up with the show on a weekly basis.

The changes were brought about in January and ended up with the Cruiserweights no longer being featured on Monday Night RAW. According to PWInsider, this move was made to prevent the Cruiserweight Division from being overexposed.

WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque is leading the way for 205 Live and The Game aims at changing the fan perception from “smaller” guys that are just a sidekick to talent that should be taken seriously because of their jaw-dropping feats in the ring. The long-term goal is to get standalone shows for 205 Live although the current plan is to hold off on future 205 Live Events once the brand gets more fans behind it, given that WWE experimented by running a few house shows in January.