Reason Behind WWE SmackDown Live Moving To Fridays On FOX

FOX recently close a massive $1 billion deal with WWE for the SmackDown franchise. SmackDown, which will remain with NBCUniversal and USA Network until September, 2019, is reportedly undergoing some adjustments for FOX. The new deal with FOX will allow SmackDown fall back to Friday nights, as was the case for a decade (2005-2015) as compared to the current Tuesday format. However, 2005-2015 SmackDown was a taped show that aired on Fridays while the current Tuesday shows follow the live format of WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW.

“Well if it kills, I think there is a good chance of that, Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio about SmackDown finding a better night on FOX as he went on to explain FOX’s reason behind placing SmackDown Live on Friday nights. “The reason is they probably felt that Friday is a tough night for television and Saturday nights they’re doing a lot of sports they do college football on Saturdays they’d have to pre-empt wrestling all the time. So Saturday is out.”

“So the idea was to put them on Fox but put them on a night that’s not a big night. I think if you put them on Tuesday, yeah they would get bigger numbers but I don’t think they would get bigger numbers than what Fox already has on that station.”

It is to be noted that FOX already pulls around 3.2 million viewers on a cooking show that airs on Friday nights, thus indicating that the possibility of WWE’s blue brand drawing superior ratings is huge.