Reason Why Randy Orton Didn’t Sign With AEW, Triple H On Losing Keith Lee To Vince McMahon

In October, Randy Orton teased a move to All Elite Wrestling as his WWE contract was on the verge of expiry. However, The Viper soon did a complete U-turn and signed a new 5-year deal with WWE last month.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Orton did receive an offer from AEW only to reject it afterward as the money wasn’t up to his expectations.

It’s being speculated that the 13-time World Champion received a much smaller offer as compared to Chris Jericho‘s gigantic NFL-like deal. The Apex Predator believed that he is worthy of a paycheck similar to Jericho’s, if not more, and since AEW failed to meet his expectations, he decided to stick with WWE for another 5 years.

Meanwhile, Keith Lee‘s breakout performance at Survivor Series has springboarded his career to the next level and there’s always a possibility of Vince McMahon bringing him over to RAW or SmackDown any moment.

For now, Blackzilla continues to be a prominent Superstar on the NXT brand but the fact that The Chairman Of Board is a big fan of him makes us wonder whether the 35-year-old Superstar is next in line for the main roster call-up.

On After The Bell podcast, Paul “Triple H” Levesque noted that Vince can always have any Superstar he wants from NXT since “he signs the checks”.

“That’s always a possibility. All of this stuff comes from one place and that’s Vince.”

The Game further stated that he is always prepared to build other talents if Mr. McMahon decides to bring any established Superstar over to RAW or SmackDown.

“It doesn’t have to be that, if I got the call tomorrow that said Keith Lee is gone, then Keith Lee goes, but who do I replace him with? I can make somebody young and I can make some new people. We have people waiting chomping at the bit for their opportunity.”