Reason Why Retribution Targeted Tucker on Monday Night Raw

After a week of rumors regarding which brand Tucker actually wrestles for, last night on Raw, the former member of Heavy Machinery debuted a new look.

Tucker was easily defeated by Ricochet in a short match that ended with a Recoil before RETRIBUTION made their way to the ring and beat down the former NXT star.

After Tucker was taken out of the equation, RETRIBUTION turned their attention to Ricochet, and while it hasn’t yet been revealed why they attacked The One and Only, Mustafa Ali revealed the reasons for their actions on RAW Talk.

“No one was attacked. We defended ourselves. We are RETRIBUTION. We protect justice and if you sin, it cannot be forgiven till it is punished. And that’s exactly what happened to Tucker.”

“Tucker backstabbed his best friend. You have the nerve to question my actions. Are you questioning what Tucker did? That man backstabbed his best friend…for what? To get ahead. Judge, jury, and executioner. That was the warning that I gave out and that warning is now a reality.”

It appears that RETRIBUTION has become the new version of The Shield on Raw where they are looking to hand out justice whenever needed.