Reason Why Sheamus Gave a Claymore Sword to Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw

On Raw, Drew McIntyre beat Randy Orton and started his second reign as the WWE Champion. At Hell in a Cell, Orton defeated The Scottish Psychopath and only a few people expected him to drop the title so early.

Just before McIntyre walked out for his main event match, Sheamus gave him a box, and inside was a kilt and a claymore.

Later, on Raw Talk, Sheamus was a guest and he revealed the reason why he gave those two things to McIntyre before his match.

“I gave him those gifts to help him get back to his roots. Sometimes you forget everything you’ve been through to get to where you’re at. That was just me reminding him of who he is, where he comes from, and maybe give him a little inspiration.”

“After Randy got him at Hell in a Cell, maybe Drew had a little doubt in his mind. When he opened that chest and accepted that sword, everything came back to him. Everything he had been through before, it all came rushing back to his head. As his brother, I was proud to do that for him.”

Sheamus also revealed that he was close to McIntyre’s mother who passed away a few years ago due to cancer.

“I know his mom, Angela, is looking down from above with a big smile on her face. Drew is back where he belongs.”