Reason Why WWE Booked Charlotte Flair To Destroy Ronda Rousey At Survivor Series

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Charlotte Flair destroyed Ronda Rousey in the semi-main event of Survivor Series on Sunday. The beatdown that Rousey got was far greater in magnitude than her victory via disqualification.

The Queen laid waste to The Rowdy One with two kendo sticks and a devastating Natural Selection on the steel chair. The 7-time Women’s Champion chair-guillotined the RAW Women’s Champion to end the brutal assault on a high note.

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Dave Meltzer addressed the beatdown on Monday’s Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed why Flair turned heel on Ronda on Sunday. Meltzer noted that The Queen has been cold since her storyline with SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and WWE needed something big to generate a buzz for her.

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“They wanted Charlotte really over. Becky Lynch is already really over, Ronda Rousey is already really over. Charlotte was a little bit cold off of the Becky Lynch [feud]. This was to get her back going.”

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“What I do know is they wanted three super over women when this was over. This was about getting Charlotte over, not as a babyface. The match and the whole scenario was about getting Charlotte over to where she is very viable with Rousey.”

The original plan was to have Rousey vs. Flair headline WrestleMania 35. Unfortunately, WWE had to call the match at Survivor Series as Becky Lynch, who was initially scheduled to wrestle Rousey, wasn’t medically cleared to compete on Sunday.

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This past week, the WrestleMania main event plan was changed to Lynch vs. Rousey after the SmackDown Women’s Champion was removed from Survivor Series due to her injury.

However, a Triple Threat main event match featuring Rousey, Flair and Lynch all together in one ring seems highly possible since Ronda and Charlotte have unfinished business and Lynch is yet to get another opportunity to get her hands on the Golden Girl.